Korean Drama The Beauty Inside Episode 7 Subtitle Sundanese

Korean Drama The Beauty Inside Episode 7 Subtitle Sundanese

Korean Drama Synopsis The Beauty Inside – Drakor collection The beauty inside tells about a woman altering her look reachable there are certain supernatural phenomena. A man falls in love with this woman. Han Se-Kye search engine optimization Hyun-Jin) is a top actress. He is known as a troublemaker and object of many rumors. His life is a delusion however in reality he suffers from an unusual phenomenon. At a certain point each month, his look adjustments to a various person. He remains one week every month with a various appearance Han Se-Kye meets search engine optimization Do-Jae (Lee Min-Ki). seo Do-Jae is an executive at an airline. He appears perfect with an attractive and clever appearance but he suffers from the inability to respect faces. He hides these defects and tries hard to memorize people with their conduct and conduct The only face he can appreciate is Han Se-Kye. By assembly him, his life changed.

Details about Korean Drama The Beauty Inside

  • Title: The Beauty Inside
  • Other Title: The Beauty Inside
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 16 (sixteen)
  • Director: Song Hyun-Wook
  • Scriptwriter: Im Meari
  • Channel Station: jTBC
  • Country: Korea
  • Aired on: October 1, 2018, every Monday and Tuesday at 23:00

Player List Details of The Beauty Inside

  • Seo Hyun-Jin plays Han Se-Kye
  • Lee Min-Ki plays Seo Do-Jae
  • Lee Da-Hee plays Kang Sa-Ra
  • Ahn Jae-Hyeon plays Ryu Eun-Ho
  • Moon Ji-In plays Yoo Woo-Mi
  • Lee Tae-Ri plays Jung Joo-Hwan
  • Na Young-Hee plays Im Jung-Yeon
  • Kang Nam-Kil plays Kang Dae-Sik
  • Lee Moon-Soo plays the CEO
  • Lee Han-Wi plays Eun-Ho’s father
  • Kim Ye-Ryeong acts as Eun-Ho’s mother
  • Kim Seung-WookLee Cheol-Min
  • Ryu Hwa-Young plays Chae Yoo-Ri (cameo)

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