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 Mirror of the Witch google drive

This drama tells the story of Heo Jun and search engine optimization Ri / Yeon Hee. Heo Jun is the son of a noble concubine who was always looked down on by his mom and half brother because his organic mom was a slave. while seo Ri is a princess of the king whose life is hidden, because his start is full of curses. Starting from Queen Shim who requested for the assist of a black witch to have offspring. Twins, a prince and a princess were born. The queen can only choose one child, and kill the other. The queen prefers the prince and leaves her daughter search engine optimization Ri). A child who was intended to be killed, was stored by the Tao Palace expert, and was hidden in the forest. web optimization ri grows by owning magic power and brings a curse as an effect of the black magic used in creating it and her twin brother. seo Ri meets Heo Jun who will accompany him to find a way to remove the curse.

Judul : Mirror of the Witch
Judul Sebelumnya : Witch Exemplar
Judul Lainnya : Mirror of the Witch, Witch Bogam / 마녀보감 / manyeobogam
Genre : Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Sutradara : Jo Hyun-Tak
Penulis skenario : Yang Hyuk-Moon
Channel : JTBC

Pemain Utama Drama Korea Mirror of the Witch :

  • Yoon Shi Yoon (Pemeran Heo Joon)
  • Kim Sae Ron (Pemeran Putri Seo Ri / Yun Hee)
  • Yum Jung Ah (Pemeran Dukun Hong Joo)
  • Lee Sung Jae (Pemeran Choi Hyun Seo)
  • Kwak Shi Yang (Pemeran Poong Yeon)

Video Trailer Mirror of the Witch

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